Evidence Synthesis

Our services in this area include:

Therapeutic value assessment and optimization are at the very core of all our activities at LASER ANALYTICA. The high rate of innovation and competition, along with the increasing pressure on healthcare spending, and the evolution of societal expectations towards health create an impetus for thoroughly exploring and regularly revisiting how to assess the value of health interventions. The industry has already departed from focusing on a simple demonstration of efficacy and safety at the time of approval and has now embarked on the integrated evaluation and optimization of value throughout the product lifecycle, starting at an early stage of development. It is now critical for developers, investors, and health authorities to keep their assessment approaches abreast of the rapid changes in health systems.

In order to support developers’ preparation for HTA and payer appraisals, we have developed a simple and powerful framework, going systematically through the key questions explored by decision makers. This framework can be used to inform drug positioning in the early life of a product and in market access strategy

Through our work with regulatory agencies, HTA organizations, payers, biopharma, medtech companies and investment funds, we have developed and continually improve an array of methods to assess the value of health interventions. This enables us to address the variety of situations and points of view faced by stakeholders of the healthcare systems.

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Global Value Dossiers

The Global Value Dossier (GVD) is a pragmatic, single source 3D compendium of information gathered and developed over the life cycle of a product that provides functional access to everything needed to support market access globally. The primary objective of the GVD is successful Reimbursement Submissions.

We use a structured approach to evaluate, synthesize, and translate evidence into a compelling value dossier underpinned by multicriteria decision analysis (MCDA) methodology and HTA gold standards.

  • An integrated system, rooted in the real needs of healthcare decision-makers
  • Systematic, quantitative documentation of healthcare interventions
  • Integration of specific regional information to simplify local submissions

Working as a collaborative team of market access strategists, scientists and experienced reimbursement specialists, we support reimbursement for all your target markets, for an entire region (e.g., Europe), or for a single jurisdiction (e.g., France).

We work to SOPs, tools and templates that ensure consistent style, format, content and quality. Our offices collaborate in:

  • Targeted or systematic literature reviews
  • Needs/gap analyses
  • Data extraction, analysis, synthesis
  • Development of tables, graphs, visuals, etc.
  • Key message and value message development
  • Building the GVD
  • Interactive e-platform development

Multicriteria Decision Analysis (MCDA)

MCDA expertise is available throughout our comprehensive portfolio of services. MCDA has been used for decades in many fields for industrial, technical, social & political priority-setting. It allows consideration of many criteria at once, in combination with the values associated with those criteria.

MCDA-based methods support:

  • Communication: knowledge transfer and dialog among stakeholders
  • Consistency & Continuity: comprehensive lifecycle support
  • Efficiency: reduces duplication
  • Strategy for R&D, product positioning & market access
  • Decisionmaking at all levels (both internal & external) and phases of development

We are pioneers in the development and actualization of pragmatic MCDA for complex healthcare decisionmaking (the EVIDEM framework)